Nearby Towns

Nearby Towns

Benambra: Benambra is a small farming township, surrounded by hills and mountain ranges on the edge of the renowned Lake Omeo (dry or full depending on the season). A visit to the Benambra Hotel is a must. It is the place where the locals and visitors mix over a beer and game of pool.

Bindi and Tongio: The historic Bindi Station and homestead is one of Victoria’s oldest fascinating properties settled in 1876. (You can visit via appointment) Tongio is famous for the Nullamunjie Olive Oil and includes The Pressing Shed Cafe & Restaurant. 

Bright: A popular tourist destination, Bright is a must-see for those of you who want to experience a local brewery, great shopping, and a waterpark to boot.

You can even take a bus for the day and really make the most of it!

Cassilis: This once thriving mining community is now a 3600-hecrate Historical area. The old mines are now a popular tourist attraction with many relics of the gold mining era. You can explore the area via a series of different walks on offer which pass through old treatment plants and water races. The Charlotte Spur track shows off some beautiful rockwork.

Ensay: Ensay sits alongside the Tambo and Little Rivers. The town is well known for producing prime beef cattle and is now known for wine. Indulge in a red “Devils Backbone” or a crisp chardonnay whilst soaking up the beautiful scenery and warmth of the Tambo Valley at the Ensay Winery. 

Two historic hotels are in picturesque locations at either end of the town. The Little River Inn started as a shack in the 1840s and is believed to be the oldest hotel in East Gippsland where you can enjoy a cold beer, good pub meal and budget accommodation. At the other end of town is the magnificent Pub Gallery, once the Ensay South Hotel built in 1892. It last served patrons in the early 1960s but it is now the home to Robert Logie’s works of oil based paintings and drawings.

Take time to venture further with a drive through the Ensay Valley to the Moscow Villa Hut on Bentley Plain.  The Bentley Plains walk is a great way to take in the sub-alpine grasslands and heathlands surrounded by snow gums. Marvel at the historic Washington’s Winch which was once used by loggers to snig logs up steep hillsides or catch a glimpse of a wild brumby on the Nunniong High Plains.

Swifts Creek: Once a town known for its timber industry, Swifts Creek is now a well-known hideaway for many talented artists and home to the very successful Great Alpine Gallery which displays art, paintings and sculpture. Once you’ve taken in the tree-lined Tambo River and strolled around the towns main centre be sure to hit the gravel roads. Take a drive through Brookville and visit the Dogs Grave; A tribute to man’s best friend.

Victoria Falls: 25 km west of Omeo are the Victoria Falls, on the Victoria River. The state’s first hydro-electric scheme was established here in 1908 to supply power to the Cassilis mines. To this end the water from the falls was used to drive a large turbine. However, the operation was not very successful due to water shortages and it was sold off to a Tasmanian concern in 1916. This site has also been declared an historic area.

Places to Eat

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